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When on holiday in Drenthe (The Netherlands), chances are you stumble upon a hunebed. A hunebed is a megalithic tomb, build in Neolithic times by people of the Funnelbeaker culture, around 5000 years ago. In Drenthe (52) and Groningen (1) there are still 53 hunebeds that can be visited at their original locations.

If you are in the neighborhood, download the app to see where the closes once are or visit them all. Hunebeds can be situated within forests, along public roads, at the end of dirt roads and even within residential areas.

This app features:

  • List of all publicly accessible hunebeds
  • All hunebeds on the map
  • Show the distance to all hunebeds from your current location
  • Get an alert if you are in de vicinity of a hunebed
  • Automatically mark hunebeds visited if you found them
  • Take and share pictures
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Gardeners Calendar


Every year I had to lookup when I should do what in my garden. So I made an app to store this information. Now I have a nice list of actions on what I should do, to what plants and most importantly… when.

This app is not an encyclopedia of knowledge. You have to fill the app yourself. Just to familiarize yourself to the app I have added Daffodils as an example.

This app features:

  • List all plants you want to keep track of.
  • List all actions sorted per month.
  • Mark an action as completed or ignored.
  • Logbook to see what and when actions were taken.
  • Add photo’s to actions and plants.
  • Add a link to actions and plants for reference information.

Quick help

  • Actions are always linked to plants. So add the plants first.
  • When in any list, swipe to the left for more options.
  • Use the option buttons at the bottom of the screen to add or edit information.
  • You can also access the photos thru iTunes to store them on your computer.
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The musicians scrapbook. Use this app as a reminder on your songs key and chords when performing or rehearsing.

Enter your songs, add the chords or make a photo of the song sheet.


  • List songs and categories them by key
  • Search within the song list
  • Add a picture of the song sheet
  • Add extra information, for example lyrics
  • The app automatically searches the Music App for songs with the same title
  • Make playlists for different gigs or bands

Quick manual

  • Use the menu to list your songs, key’s and playlists
  • Swipe down to search
  • Use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to add or delete content
  • Swipe to the left on a song, category or playlist to delete
  • E-mail you database and/or use iTunes to make backups (as extra protection on top of the standard iTunes or iCloud backup mechanisms)
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Het actuele nieuws van Zoetermeer. Verzameld uit honderden websites van/voor Zoetermeerders.


Alles over winkelen, uitgaan en algemeen nieuws.